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About Us

If you want to know what adconnecter.com is, and who manages the platform, here you can find some useful information.If you want to know more, please visit our FAQ section.

About Adconnecter

Adconnecter.com is an advertising and revenue sharing platform, that provides multiple advertising services for individuals and companies at international level. The platform is designed to serve people and interests from all over the world. We offer high quality targeted traffic and visitors to advertisers, and multiple ways to earn money online for people from all over the world. Within our platform you will be able to reach new levels of success.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to connect people in a way that enables them to benefit from affordable products, services and online earning opportunities. We also strive to create an interactive community that will serve as a guide and support for everyone involved in this project.Adconnecter was created to deliver the best advertising services to you , the user, and to offer an online income opportunity for people around the globe.

The Owners

The owners and administrators of AdConnecter.com are Victor Mahu and Dan Cenusa. After participating for three years in many different advertising revenue sharing sites, we decided that it is time to create a new project that will keep the best aspects of this business model, repair the bad ones, and improve continuously. We are committed to obtain long term sustainability for this program and its members. We are dedicated, transparent in our actions and full of new ideas that are waiting to be implemented alongside you – the users of AdConnecter.com. Let’s build success together !

Our Services

If you are interested in using the great potential of adconnecter.com for advertising purposes, here is a list of the advertising services that we offer. We strive to deliver visitors to your site as fast as possible, at the cheapest prices.

Ad Packs

Advertising packages provide you with 3000 visitors to your website and a revenue sharing spot within our system. An adpack costs 30$. As long as you are active by surfing at least 30 ads daily, you will qualify for sharing revenues up to 110% of the AdPack value, which is 33$.

PPC Banners

PPC Banners are a wonderful way to advertise your website. We sell clicks, which means that your banner will be shown on our website until you receive all the clicks that you have paid for. The price is 0.10$ per click. Each click is valuable, as it means that someone is truly interested in your offer.

Surfing Ads

Surfing ads are the advertisements that each member has to see in order to be eligible for revenue sharing and affiliate comission from cash-link clicks on a daily basis. The price for this type of advertising starts at 3$ per 1000 visitors. There are also big discounts for larger amounts.

Start Pages

A start page is the first ad that a member sees on a particular day when surfing . When you buy a start page, your ad will be displayed first in the surfing mechanism, which means a better exposure, because members are more alert when they start surfing. The price is 30$ per day.

Cash Links

Cash links are advertisements which appear on members’ dashboard, and reward them with money for viewing. You can use geo-targeting in order to show your ad precisely to the people that you think might be more interested in it. This is a very efficient form of advertising.

Login Ads

Login ads are the advertisements that a member sees when he/she logs in. They are sold on a daily basis. For 30$ you can advertise your website to every member that logs in for 24 hours. Login ads have a 10 seconds length, and you can use them to expose your offer to a great number of people within a day.

Surfing Ads Prices

  • 1000 visitors - $3
  • 2000 visitors - $5
  • 5000 visitors - $12
  • 10000 visitors - $22
  • 20000 visitors - $40
  • 50000 visitors - $95
  • 100000 visitors - $180
  • 200000 visitors - $350

    Cash Links Ads Prices

    • 10seconds packs
    • 1000 visitors - $4
    • 2000 visitors - $8
    • 5000 visitors - $20
    • 10000 visitors - $40
    • 30seconds packs
    • 1000 visitors - $10
    • 2000 visitors - $20
    • 5000 visitors - $50
    • 10000 visitors - $100
    • 60seconds packs
    • 1000 visitors - $20
    • 2000 visitors - $40
    • 5000 visitors - $100
    • 10000 visitors - $200

    Company Information

    Adconnecter.com is a property of INCOMERISE SRL, a limited liability company registered in Romania, a member state of European Union.

    Our Company Registration Number is – 36130850.
    Our adress is – Suceava, Str. Marasesti nr.40, Suceava county.

    We accept payments with:

    Traffic Exchange with 1,190,000+ members
    Traffic Exchange with 1,190,000+ members